Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC/ energy assessment gives information on the energy efficiency of a property. This is rated on a scale of A – G. The most efficient buildings, which should have the lowest fuel bills, are in band A. This Certificate includes recommendations on ways to improve the building's energy efficiency, saving money and helping the environment. It allows potential buyers to compare the energy characteristics of prospective buildings .
There are three categories of Energy Performance Certificates/Energy Assessments:
Residential Energy Performance Certificates:

Since 1st January 2009 - All residential properties for rent require an EPC to comply with legislation.

A Residential EPC survey takes between 40 and 60 minutes to complete depending on the size of your house. At a prearranged time our Domestic Energy Assessor will visit your house to make a record of such things as the insulation, room size, heating, glazing and lighting. We will also consider the age, construction and dimensions of the property to produce an accurate EPC. After the visit, our assessor will go away and process their findings on the energy efficiency of your property to produce an Energy Performance Certificate with a rating between A and G. This can all be done in a matter of hours to suit your timeframe. This report will also have recommendations on how to make your home more energy efficient.
Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

All commercial properties for sale or rent after 1st January 2009 require an Energy Performance Certificate.
Our qualified energy assessors will visit your building to collate information on the heating system, the natural ventilation, cooling systems, air conditioning, lighting and the use of “Green Energy”. They will then use the industry best SBEM calculation software to produce an Energy Performance Certificate. Where necessary, the report will suggest improvements to be made to the building to make it more energy efficient such as the use of more sustainable energy systems like Solar Panels & Wind Turbines.
On-Construction Energy Performance Certificates

Since 30 September 2008, an "On Construction EPC" is required for all newly constructed buildings. These are based on the current building control regulations. In this process, NIER provides a recommendation report, detailing areas where the energy characteristics of the building can be improved. It is a great selling tool for developers and estate agents.