Code for Sustainable Homes
Code for Sustainable Homes is an environmental impact rating system for housing. It sets new standards for energy efficiency and sustainability which aims to limit the environmental impact of housing. These standards are higher than those set by Building Regulations.
Northern Ireland Energy Rating offers advice, consultancy and assessments based on the Code for Sustainable Homes. We can therefore give:
Homebuyers better information about the environmental impact of your new home and its potential running costs.
Builders and Developers a way to set yourselves apart from the competition in sustainability terms.

Fire Risk Assessments


The Fire Safety Regulations Northern Ireland, 15th November, 2010 states that it is a legal requirement for non-domestic premises employing five or more people to have a written fire risk assessment in place. It is enforced by the Fire & Rescue Services and must be carried out by a competent person with appropriate training, knowledge, qualifications and experience.

NIER offers a professional fire consultancy service, providing experienced fire consultants to undertake comprehensive fire risk assessments. Our comprehensive fire risk assessment service is backed by full indemnity cover, helping you achieve both workplace fire safety and full compliance with the requirement of the Fire Regulations. Our work is fully documented and certified, giving you total peace-of-mind. Consultancy services include: 

                                                           *Fire risk assessment and management

                                                           *Inspection and audit of premises

                                                           *Technical advice on plans and projects